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Furniture with elaborated design have often been synonym of craftsmanship, unique products that took time to manufacture.

Gamma Wood Sdn Bhd, metamorphosis from a small business to a large furniture manufacturer and leading furniture exporter’srepresents another fine example demonstrating Malaysia entrepreneurship quality. Established in 1997 as a single proprietorshipby Mr. Chong, the company has remarkably grown to become one of the Malaysia Finest Manufacturer of high quality furniture.And with the company’s high craftsmanship, furnishing projects and techniques used by all highly effective executives, its successful entry into the challenging direct export market became a natural consequence. Gamma Wood constantly strikes to improve to keep pace with the changing time. Nevertheless, we adhered to cooperation principle below to enhance our competitiveness index in the global market.

The Style

OEM and ODM is our main occupation, Research & Development works to world class standards is our strong tradition of innovation and ingenuity. Thus, we give clients the best value for their budget.

The Missions

Gamma Wood acts a significant contributor to community development and progress by serving as learning and training institution in the arts and crafts of furniture making and R&D works.

The Quality

Gamma Wood has always been the pursuit of produces furniture to world class standards and gives customers quality products at a superior value using Malaysia expertise and craftsmanship.

For over half of a century, the company innovative marketing concepts, quality products and state-of-the-craftsmanship manufacturing methods have always been driven by the demand for customer satisfaction. At Gamma Wood the stream of satisfied customers continues to grow as the company continues to be creative and diversifies to expand business, and improve quality into the next millennium.

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